Need Help Learning How To Promote Your Blog?

If you have a new blog or think of starting one, it is crucial to learn how to promote your blog to increase traffic. Promoting your blog is essential because it makes your content visible to a broader audience, increases your ranking by search engines, and leads generation.

It is satisfying to post on your blog and get many readers to like and comment on your content. You can only achieve this by promoting your blog. If you don’t have a strategy, we will explain how you can call attention to your blog effortlessly in this article.

Before You Start

Before you start promoting your blog, ensure that your content is well-written and optimized. The first step to write an engaging blog post is planning by thinking about the topic before writing. Choose an exciting topic that can draw in readers and hold their attention to the end.

You can even create an outline for your post to guide you on what you need to include in the blog. A good site provides worthy content, and this is why it’s vital to research before writing, especially if you have limited knowledge about a topic.

If you use third-party sources, make sure that they are reputable. It’s also important to check the facts to ensure that you provide credible information to your readers. A great headline will capture people’s attention and make them want to read the article. Vague headlines can turn away readers even if the content is interesting or educative.

You can either choose a headline and then write your article or decide before writing the rest or after finishing. How do you write an effective blog post? You can write it in one sitting or gradually, there is no right way to do it, you have to find what works for you. You can even use images in your articles that are also as effective as texts.

Writing a compelling blog post is essential, but editing is also as important. Editing is more than scanning through your article and fixing grammatical errors. It is about making the ideas flow in the post and sacrificing hours and words to create a cohesive composition.

Avoid repeating various phrases and words by replacing them with related words that make sense. A trick to ensure that your article has flow is to read it aloud. Although this sounds awkward, it can help you understand how it resonates in the reader’s mind. It is crucial to keep the sentences and paragraphs brief to make them easier to read.

10 Ways on How to Promote Your Blog

You might have great content, but that’s not enough to attract readers. Here are 10 easy ways to promote your blog.

how promote your blog with link building

Build Organic Links to Your Website

Organic or natural links are nonfollow or dofollow links given by a web page without building a link between the two. Organic links are provided to a site because the site’s owner believes that the content is high-quality and the resource is invaluable.

These links are vital for your blog’s growth, and even if search engines do multiple algorithm updates, they are always high-scoring. It involves creating high-quality content; this way, people will link back to your blog without trying to outmaneuver the page rank. Organic links increase your site’s authority. Especially when your content is linkable because many will want to link back to your blog to validate their claims.

This boosts your blog’s traffic and ranking. Having some pages outperform others organically can improve your site’s domain authority. Organic links generate referral traffic from websites with immense traffic. Your blog gets a higher ranking by directing traffic to your site through search engine optimization.

It simply means that if you have more organic keywords and links on your site, you have a high chance of a higher ranking on search engines. Building internal and external organic links is a great long-term SEO strategy on how to promote your blog.

Answer Quora Questions

Did you know that you can use Quora to generate traffic for your site? As a blogger, you need to use resources like Quora that has millions of visitors annually. Using this platform is beneficial because most audience looks for things that are easy to understand and use.

It is one of the largest online communities where members post questions and receive answers from other users or pros. It is a platform for connecting with like-minded individuals. Quora was created to share and acquire knowledge where you give unique insights and contribute quality answers.

Using Quora is vital if you want to know how to promote your blog. This platform is ranked high in many keywords in search engines like Google, making it one of the best tools for organic traffic. Many bloggers use Quora to generate traffic for their sites by engaging with users.

You can get more users on your site by answering various questions on the platform. One of the easiest ways to use Quora to promote your site is to add your blog to your profile. You can even leave a link to your site with relevant or related content to the question. Avoid spamming and only leave links if they are helpful.

Linking to relevant articles on Quora generates traffic to your site, which is highly valuable. The more questions you answer, the more popular you become and the more authority you create. Focus on answering questions related to your site’s niche to attract more readers to your blog. You can stand out by answering questions with a few or no answers, and you can also reply or create queries that might trend in the future.


Many bloggers have used HARO (Help a Reporter Out) to increase backlinks and get media coverage for many years. HARO is a popular platform that provides online services to journalists to receive feedback from the public. It gives them a valuable database of inventory of daily opportunities and upcoming stories to get media coverage.

HARO emails these messages 3 times daily from Monday to Friday, containing relevant questions from experts about various trending topics. HARO is a reliable resource that can help you create backlinks to your blogs. When reporters need sources, they post queries on HARO, including the questions they need to be answered, or information required, and the qualifications for the respondent.

You can create your account and receive queries most relevant to your site, which is an effortless way to promote your blog. Journalists will credit you as a source if they use your content as a source. Although they are not required to include a link to your blog, most times, they do.

The only way to get the journalists to use your response is to create quality content. HARO gives you access to many backlinks from reliable websites that you cannot get anywhere else. A link from an authoritative site is more valuable than that of a new website. It also allows your blog to be quoted or featured on high-authority websites.

When this happens, you can include a section on your blog to showcase various sites that have sampled your work. It is a great way to create credibility and boost your brand. If your article is published on major news sites, it is syndicated and included on other sites. A link from a syndicated article generates traffic from multiple websites for the same amount of work.

promoting a blog on social media

Share Your Posts on Social Media

One of the most straightforward ways to learn how to promote your blog is to share your post on various social media sites. As a blogger looking to grow your site, you want to reach many people to generate traffic. Social media platforms give your content more exposure because you share your work with friends, family, and followers worldwide.

Encourage your followers to share your work on the same and other social media platforms to get more people to read your content. You can also create sharing buttons on your blog for your readers to share on their social media accounts.

Your readers might have hundreds of followers who might like your content. Including social media links to your blog boosts your virality. They automate the linking and sharing process, increase your reach, and improve authenticity and trust.

Create informative social media profiles because they help to amplify and distribute your work. Nowadays, getting more people to read your content is getting difficult because search engines are getting smarter. It is essential to use quality links and develop search relevance for your blog on various social media avenues.

Creating quality links for your social media accounts enables them to appear more prominently on search engines, which is suitable for your online presence. Having links on your website is not enough. Ensure that your users can easily find them to make interaction flawless.

To get more engagement on your blog, place the social buttons/links on the top side or top of every page in your blog. Make sure to include links that are persistent with the user as he moves from page to page. Additionally, ensure that the visitors don’t leave your blog entirely by opening the social media pages in a new tab.

Content Discovery Platforms

Content discovery platforms are software tools used by brand managers, marketers, social media marketers, etc. They are often used to accumulate suitable consumer-generated content from third-party social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. One of the advantages of using a content discovery platform is that it helps you streamline and automate the content discovery activity. This saves you time and money while driving online engagement at the same time by using authentic elements of consumer content.  They provide a great way on how to promote your blog.

Using content discovery platforms like Outbrain and Taboola gives you more content. It is crucial to differentiate between native advertising and content discovery platforms. Outbrain and Taboola do not recommend paid ads masquerading as editorial content. The articles are created for educational or entertainment purposes.

Taboola and Outbrain reach millions of audiences and work with the world’s top publishers like CNN, BBC, The Huffington Post, NBC News, USA Today, etc. You can leverage these platforms to reach your audience by making the first step to define your blog goals. What do you want to accomplish? For instance, do you want to direct traffic to your website, or do you want to reach a broader audience?

When you understand your desire, you can start optimizing the content in line with those objectives. You also need to modify your articles for publication on various platforms. Go through your blog and choose pieces that align with the publishing site you desire. For instance, if you wish to feature on a news platform, select newsworthy blog posts.

A rule of thumb is to choose blog posts with many clicks, views, and conversations. It is also vital to edit your old content by doing research and updating obsolete information. Track your blog’s performance to measure your success on content discovery. Content discovery platforms allow you to stay ahead of your competition by matching your blog posts to the right audience.

Forum Commenting

Participating in forums can grow your blog and help you connect more with readers. Forums are vital tools for discussion and sharing knowledge. These are platforms where you can pose questions, discuss topics related to your niche, and share experiences. Unlike social media platforms, forums focus on specific issues and brands.

You will find forums in various categories where you can ask questions or discuss exciting subjects. Forums are beneficial, especially if you’re looking for how to promote your blog. Look for a highly authoritative discussion on your niche and comment regularly to drive traffic to your site as many people notice you.

It is necessary to update your profile and signature with your profile information. The easiest way to find relevant forums is to use popular search engines. For instance, search for your niche forums, and you will get different results. You can also search forum hub websites by typing your niche keywords to discover helpful online forums.

It is sensible to choose forums with many members and blog posts to give your blog a broad scope of exposure. Also, ensure that the platforms you choose get at least 10 new posts daily. Remember to follow the forums’ policies to ensure that you can promote your blog, place links in the posts, and know whether there are any restrictions on new members.

To get more traffic on your site, create a unique profile by selecting a good avatar and username. Your username should be easy to pronounce and remember, usually your blog’s name or anything related to your brand. Don’t use a weird misspelling or outlandish number combinations on your profile name.

If you choose to include your picture in the profile, select one with a good headshot and avoid photographs that might be considered controversial or offensive. A compelling profile attracts curiosity and causes people to visit your blog, creating traffic, which is beneficial for your site.

Provide a clear description of your experience and expertise. You can even add a few details about yourself, like your name and hometown, to humanize the profile. It is sensible to stay away from airing your religious and political beliefs. Provide comprehensive contact details to allow other forum members to contact you quickly if interested in your blog. Only share information you don’t mind being public.

Leveraging forum signatures is a great way to promote your blog. For example, you can put your website’s address inside your signature. You can also create a link back to your blog by using your niche’s keywords. Write a short but accurate description to make people want to view your website.

You need to create an online presence on the forum, but how do you do this? It’s easy, and you need to create a relevant first post on the forum. Did you know that most platforms encourage new members to make an introductory post? To make an effective initial post by including what you do and reasons for joining the forum.
Let other members know that you wish to learn and contribute to the community. First posts are not ideal for making marketing posts. It is crucial to communicate effectively. That is why you need to read through the forum to understand any cultural norms or unique quirks of that particular community.

Learn how other members communicate in the forum to fit in quickly. Also, try to find out the most influential contributors and favorite or popular topics on the forum. Try to win over visitors to your site by providing valuable and relevant answers to questions, especially those related to your blog.

Always back up your answers with authoritative links from trusted sources and respond to any follow-up questions. One of the best ways to showcase yourself as a trusted expert is to provide objective answers. You will see many people asking for recommendations and advice. It is vital to protect your reputation by avoiding arguments and heated arguments, for instance, political or religious topics.

Online forums are great for directing attention to your blog. So try to create helpful blog posts that most members find interesting. Also, attempt to keep the conversation going by asking questions or feedback and engaging other members instead of ending the conversations hastily.

promoting your blog by guest blogging

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is when you write blog posts for other websites within your niche to direct attention back to your site. This, in turn, improves your domain authority, increases your credibility, and builds valuable connections in the industry.  This is another great way of how to promote your blog.

This is a two-way street that benefits you and the other blog’s owner. You can find opportunities by searching for websites looking for guest bloggers on various search engines. Although some options will no longer be available, there will be many more, even from sites you have never come across.

You can also pitch to websites in your niche by submitting your pitch according to the website’s directions or via email. Guest blogging is about creating quality content for readers instead of low-quality content so you can link back to your site.

It increases your website ranking because many people will link back to your site. Most blogs will allow you to include a link in your bio, and the good thing is that you can incorporate multiple links. Remain patient when looking for guest blogging opportunities because outreach takes time, and creating content is time-consuming.

Social Communities

Social communities are beneficial when looking at how to promote your blog. Unlike social media, social communities are online communities utilizing social platforms. They are groups of communities with mutual interests. These relationships can help you build networks of trust and personal relationships, share common interests, be active, and engage with specific groups of users.

You can join various social communities, depending on your goals and your target group. Get more people to visit your site by adding links to your site if the community allows it. Although your goal is to get more engagement, you should avoid sharing content in communities where it’s against the rules. In communities that permit article-sharing, be more involved in the discussion, only share articles occasionally, and don’t spam.

Sites like Reddit can be precious. You will find numerous smaller communities known as subreddits to discuss multiple topics of interest on these sites. Yelp is another helpful social community that is popular worldwide. It is restaurant/dining-based, and it helps you discover local businesses like restaurants, bars, gas stations, spas, cafes, etc. It is a solid social community that allows you to leave reviews for local companies.

Yelp can grow your business blog when people leave valuable reviews. If you are into IT/software, StackOverflow is the ideal social community for you. I have been using it for many years to solve technical problems.

Share Article Snippets

Another simple way on how to promote your blog is to share a snippet of your article. You can do this in several ways. The first step is to write quality content. Next, take the first part of your article. Finally, submit that article section to another site while adding a read more link at the bottom to your original article.

Remember to index your article to make it easily accessible to a broad scope of audience. You can share your article snippets on various sites like HubPages, Medium, and Tumblr. Search engines like Google also allow you to do this when someone types a question. They show the results in a particular block on the results page.

It includes the answer in summary form extracted from your webpage, a link to the page, the URL, and the page title. This increases your web traffic, brand awareness, conversions, keyword rankings, and website authority.

promote a blog by connecting with influencers

Connect with Influencers in Your Niche

You’ve probably seen brands use famous personalities or influencers for advertising their products, but who qualifies as an influencer? These are people with a large following on social media sites meaning they reach many people worldwide. They post material to a specific audience in various categories like beauty and fashion.

Viewers build knowledge and trust in a brand which causes influencers to get credibility. Not all influencers will benefit your blog. That’s why it is vital to connect to those in your niche. To get people to visit your site, make sure to include your blog link on all your profile. Additionally, follow all the influencer’s social accounts, and engage with their activity by providing helpful information.

Although it seems counterintuitive, avoid promoting your blog and only focus on building strong connections and being recognized. With time, the influencers and their audience will notice and pay attention to you and even check your blog. As they recognize you as an authoritative source, you might become an influencer, gain more followers, get promotions, collaborations, and guest post opportunities.

Influencer marketing is a great way to reach more people online. Connect and work with influencers in your niche because they can reach your target audience to create brand awareness. This strategy is convenient because you do not need to spend money looking for your niche audience. After all, influencers have many followers.

Bonus Tip: Maintain and Build Your Core Audience

Your blog audience supports you and helps your site grow. That is why it is essential to maintain your audience and keep attracting more. Apart from reaching more people, you need the right audience who visits your site and takes action.

The first step to maintain your audience is to engage with them by replying to comments, responding to social network accounts, and making them feel seen by answering or clarifying all queries. Did you know that you can easily reach out to your audience through email by setting up a mailing list? Make your emails engaging for the reader. You should start by introducing yourself and sharing a little information about who you are and what you do. Make sure to give them valuable information like tips and tricks, and remind them to check out your new content.

Use magnetic subject lines to get the audience to open and read the emails. Most people don’t care because they get numerous emails from various subscriptions and websites. Give your emails meaningful and attention-grabbing titles to prompt the recipients to read them and show how the content might help them simplify their lives. Another way to engage your audience is by sending personalized emails. For instance, you can include the recipient’s name to make the email feel less automated.

Blogging is about telling stories. Use this knowledge to craft your emails. Reaching your audience through emails is convenient and affordable because you don’t have to pay for any transactions. Most people today have email addresses. This creates a broader audience for you. It is easy to contact your audience globally without incurring extra costs. This way, your blog can grow without limitations or boundaries.

Things to Consider

You can’t grow your blog without a plan. You need to visualize what you want and then execute it. Here is what to dowhen considering how to promote your blog.

things to consider before promoting your blog

Create a Plan

Before starting any new endeavor, you should know what you want to focus on, your target audience, and how to promote your blog. Make a schedule and try 2-3 strategies at once and stick with the ones that work. At first, you might not get a lot of engagement, but your blog starts to grow with time, and you’ll get a larger audience.

Be Patient

When growing a blog, it is crucial to have patience because doing things in haste might result in shoddy work that is not attractive to readers.
Be Consistent

Blogs thrive with consistency. The more you post relevant articles, the more readers return, and the more you attract a new audience. Create helpful content that you can share on social media networks to direct traffic to your site. Write or do something new every day or several times a week.

Be Engaged in the Process

It is vital to set up and keep track of your site metrics using Google Analytics and Search Console to promote your blog. These are free Google tools; with Google Analytics, you can analyze your site’s performance by tracking the quantity and type of traffic. Search Console guides your site on how to behave on search results. Try different variations, compare the outcomes, and stick to the one that works best for you.

Consider Outsourcing

Did you know that you can outsource a simple task to your whole marketing plan by using sites like Fiverr and Upwork? I do this frequently to keep my blog growing so I can focus on what I do best.  Make sure to consider your budget and choose reliable vendors.


When starting a blog, you want it to thrive and reach a large audience. Although it’s not easy, you can achieve your goals. You don’t need a lot of money, but you need patience and high-quality content. It is also essential to engage with like-minded individuals on different platforms and continue to learn now ways on hot to promote your blog..

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