Every Successful Blogger Must Have Good Habits

You’ve set up your blog, and you’ve picked a winning name. You know what you want to write about, and you get to work. Congratulations, you are a blogger! But what habits make a successful blogger?

Blogger Habits that Make a Difference

You want your voice to be heard, attracting readers with your unique perspective. But how do you join the ranks of smash hit bloggers?

First, I want to encourage you that you’re already on your way. Most people have great ideas but never act on them. Most blogs are never even started. Just by showing up, you’re ahead of the curve. You’ve laid the groundwork, but that’s just the beginning.

If you’re serious about your blog doing well, there are habits that you should implement. Habits are created by doing the same thing every day. When your traffic numbers are low, you still have to show up and write.

Even if you feel uninspired, you don’t get to take a day off. Consistency is key. So, what are some habits of bloggers that last?

10 Blogger Habits for Success

Find your niche

You started your blog because you have something to say that you think the world needs to hear. With blogging, the sky’s the limit. The community is looking for answers to their questions. You can be the one that provides the solutions! When you define yourself as someone passionate about a specific subject, people will believe you and stick around to listen.

Successful bloggers have a niche. A niche helps people find you, and they keep coming back to your blog. If you are talking about 10 different things, you may attract some traffic, but those readers won’t stay on your site. Narrowing down your subject encourages people to read multiple posts and interact with you. When you focus on one topic, people will stay on your blog to read what you’re writing. This also helps search engines define what you are. These are ways to build an audience.

When you’re picking your niche, you have to consider who your audience is and what they want to know. Perhaps you have a knack for vegan cooking, or you’ve mastered cooking for a large family on a budget. Your audience will be looking for that specific information. There is your niche.

Once you have that, you can brainstorm topics to write about. Soon you’ll have 10 topic-specific blog articles you can write that you know they will be easy to search for and that your audience will want to read. It’s easy once you start thinking about it!

Blog what you love

Imagine that your blog is about owning a small dog. If you love small dogs and know a lot about them, they will be easy to write about. You can share your passion for all things small dog-related, all day, every day. You can research topics concerning small dogs because they naturally come to your mind. When you brainstorm blog posts about small dogs, you will have an easier time because you love what you’re writing about.

Now, try creating a business around something that you are not passionate about. When you are a blogger, you are your boss. No one is going to incentivize you to do your job. If you really want to live the blogger life, you create your entire world around this thing you love. Your social media, email subscriptions, your affiliate marketing will all involve your niche. You must blog about what you love.

Successful bloggers create the habit of considering their audience first. Your reader is astute. If you get tired of your niche, you’ll stop showing up, and so will they. They will know if you’re faking it. Your passion is an essential factor for driving traffic to your blog.

Writing down goals is a Successful Blogger Habit

Write down your goals

When you look at the habits of successful bloggers, they all have something in common- they write down their goals and keep track of them. Try this: every Monday morning, after you’ve made your coffee and checked your email, look at your goals for the day. Then get to work on checking off each thing you need to do to accomplish those goals.

It’s effortless to lose sight of why you chose to be a blogger when you can’t see what you’ve accomplished. Showing up every day, especially in the early days before you see the results you want, can feel like a drag. Why are you even doing this? Find something that works for you.

I suggest having short-term and long-term goals. Do you want to make 6-figures blogging in 1 year? Great! But if you’re only looking at that considerable end-goal, you will quickly feel defeated and quit. What will you do every month for the next 12 months? What are things you can do each week in January to move you closer to that goal? Write those things down.

Now you have monthly and weekly goals, so it shouldn’t be hard to sit down on Monday morning and create a short-term goal list for every day of that week. Then start checking things off your list. You’ll soon find that seeing your productivity will inspire you to keep going!

Successful bloggers write every day

When you’re a blogger, your money comes from writing. Your product is your writing, so produce as much as you can. The best way to become good at something is to do it every day. Are you trying to increase your wpm from 50-60? Maybe you’re trying to write 3 blog article outlines in an hour instead of just 1. Write every day.

These days, bloggers with the most success are posting long-form content every day (1). Posting wordy articles every day means writing every day. But even if you’re happy with your current posting schedule of twice a week, think about setting yourself up for success by having a few articles always on the side to post. When your website is about writing content, writing every day is a valuable habit to create.

Find a routine that works for you

To build successful blogger habits, set up a routine that works best for you. This looks different for everyone. Some people work best in the morning before everyone else in the house wakes up. Maybe you prefer to sleep in until 10 AM and find your best creative hours sitting on the sofa after lunch. If you work a day job, establish a few days a week when you work on your blog for an hour at the same time every day. Think about how much time you want to invest in your blog and create a routine.

It may take some time to figure out what works best for you, but don’t give up! If you think something isn’t working, then change it. Maybe you notice that your brain is too fried to create content after 6 PM. If that is the case, spend the first 3 hours of your day focused on writing and devote those later hours to editing photos or checking emails. Setting up a routine and respecting it will give you the results you want.

blogger habits interact with audience

Interact with your audience

Don’t forget that your audience is the reason why you are in this space. You might blog because you view yourself as a shy person. You feel more comfortable behind a screen rather than being in person with your audience. If you want to be a successful blogger, create the habit of finding ways to nudge yourself outside your comfort zone. Make it a daily practice to dialogue with readers.

If you receive comments on your blog posts, I recommend taking the time to respond to each one. The people who take the time to comment on your blog, and other media, deserve your time and attention. It’s a great way to get feedback, and people appreciate that you recognize them. You might be afraid of criticism, but usually, people who spend their energy commenting want to talk with you because they like what you are writing.

Blogging today isn’t just about traffic to your blog. Pick one or two social media sites and offer smaller pieces of content there. Just remember that the entire purpose of social media is to be social. Interact with your key audience in these spaces. You will love the value it brings to your work!

Don’t just scroll on social media

On that same note, view social media as a tool during your designated work hours. If you work on your phone, consider turning off notifications to Instagram and Twitter. At the same time, you do your admin work and writing. If you work on your laptop, put your phone on silent and leave it in another room.

It’s effortless to pick up your phone and mindlessly scroll on Facebook or Pinterest. But that’s valuable time when you could be creating, writing, and focusing on your goals. Instead, you should designate a time to interact with your audience and promote your blog. To help keep you focused and on time, you should consider making a social media checklist or using a timer.

Go for a walk

Take a break from blogging and go for a walk! You can have excellent work habits and a successful blog and have no personal life, but why would you want that? Whether you’re blogging full-time or as a passion project, I encourage you to find ways to enjoy your time that take you away from your screen and list of goals.<

Think about why you started blogging, to begin with. If you work 8 AM to 5 PM on your blog, make yourself stick to those hours, and give yourself a day off every week. Maybe you’re putting in 70-hour work weeks now so you can reap the results in a year- then it’s crucial to schedule a week vacation where you don’t touch work. Actively choose to take a break. This is one of those habits that add value to your work precisely because it’s the opposite of work.

Inspiration comes from living a full life. Even if you love what you blog about, you can get burnt out. You’d be surprised how a walk can inspire a unique series of posts for your chosen niche. Do yourself a favor and create the habit of enjoying your life.

Learn every day

No matter what field of work you are in, successful people know that you never stop learning. The industry is constantly evolving. Invest in your blog and spend an hour every day teaching yourself something new. Improve your photo-editing skills or update yourself on current SEO standards. Take a course on trauma-informed business practices. Learn how to write an e-book.

When you run a high-traffic blog, people come to you because you solve a problem for them. Doing research adds value to your blog articles (2). Don’t skimp on this part of blog writing.

Whatever you choose to learn about, make it a daily habit. Pick a time of day when you absorb information best. There’s always something new you can understand. It will only add value to your work.

successful bloggers run a business

Treat your blog like a business

If you want to be a successful blogger, then treat your blog like a business. It’s about mindset- if you make it essential, you will make it a priority. Set rules for yourself. You need to create a schedule on your calendar. Set designate work hours for yourself. Teach yourself business practices that you believe in.

There will be things along the way that seem intimidating. Maybe you got into blogging to get out of sales. Still, if you want to be a full-time blogger, it’s worth taking the time to understand what forms of self-promotion and marketing are the most effective. Don’t get discouraged by this. Blogging is widespread, and there are lots of beginner-friendly tutorials out there that will guide you through the business of blogging. It’s worth investing your time!

Try out these healthy habits of bloggers

Even if you love what you do, there will be a day when you have to make yourself show up and turn on your computer. Set yourself up for success by establishing healthy blogger habits. Create value by finding something to write about that your audience wants to read and that you are passionate about. Set a foundation by writing down your goals and finding time to write every day.

By establishing a routine and focusing on your audience, you are telling yourself to take this seriously. When you create limits around social media use and make time for yourself, you set healthy boundaries for work/life balance. Finally, by learning every day and treating your blog like a business, you are opening the door to your own success!

Blogging is a lot of fun. It can be anything you want it to be. By creating solid habits, you are telling your brain that this is important. Watch your blog grow because you value it! You are already succeeding because you are thinking about success. These are just a few tips to get you to where you want to be!


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